Seven Beginner Draw Trick Shot Video Tutorials

Learning how to put backspin on the cue ball can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding skills for a novice pool player. Putting that to use in a trick shot definitely ramps up the enjoyment of the game further. Here are video tutorials for seven beginner draw trick shots.

Easy draw trick shot

This is a very straightforward shot in which you pocket the yellow ball and the cue ball goes up and pockets the red ball as well. The setup for this shot is prescribed by the shot program, so you don’t have to worry about ball position details, but the drawn cue ball path is slightly exaggerated. It really doesn’t take much draw at all to make this and I go over this in the video. Miniscule adjustments in the amount of draw are what you need to make this shot. EASY DRAW SHOT TUTORIAL


Carom draw

The hardest part about this trick shot might not be the draw, but getting the setup tuned just right. The yellow ball is mandated to be one ball width off the cushion, but it has to hit the red ball just a bit on the inside, meaning the three balls by the side pocket need to be off the cushion a bit. I like to go straight in to the yellow ball and put a little english on the cue ball to get it run down the rail. CAROM DRAW VIDEO TUTORIAL



Squeeze draw

This shot will test the straightness of your stroke. All the balls are directly in line with the centers of the side pockets. Hitting the cue ball with draw will make both the yellow and blue balls in one side pocket while drawing back for the other ball. The good news is, you only need enough draw to make the blue ball with spin transfer. The two ball cluster will provide plenty of weight for the cue ball to rebound back to the other side of the table. A little wrist flick might be all it takes. SQUEEZE DRAW VIDEO WALKTHROUGH


Cross table draw

This shot definitely requires a bit of draw to get all the way back across the table. Hitting it at different speeds will affect the final angle the cue ball takes though, so you need to be careful with that. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward to pocket the yellow ball and come back for the red. In the Artistic Cup, you’d score points just for getting the cue ball in the 1×1 diamond zone by the red ball. CROSS TABLE DRAW SHOT TUTORIAL



Firecracker draw shot

Here’s another shot that will ensure you’re stroke and draw is straight. The setup looks pretty trivial, but you need to be attentive because the balls that go into the corner pockets are certainly missable. They’ll need to be aligned slightly towards the short rail, maybe even completely into the short rail depending on the throw. Hit the cue ball full into the yellow ball and draw the cue ball straight back for the purple in the side. All in all, this is pretty similar to the third shot in this discipline. The cluster will provide extra weight, so you don’t need to power up on your draw as much as you might think. FIRECRACKER DRAW SHOT WALKTHROUGH


Spin transfer draw

This shot utilizes spin transfer to pocket the red ball, which doesn’t have a direct path to the pocket. Hitting the red ball with draw though will bank the yellow ball out of the way, while imparting follow on the red ball which will roll it into the corner pocket (hopefully!). The cue ball should draw back to the other side of the table. You can play around with the angle of the yellow and red balls along with the position and aim of the cue ball to see what’s easiest for you. SPIN TRANSFER DRAW SHOT VIDEO



Diagonal kick draw

Here’s a skillful trick shot requiring a decent amount of draw and some spin as well. Pocket the yellow ball, then draw back off the rail and go all the way diagonally across the table. You only need to finish in the 1×1 diamond zone, but you’ll get a bonus point if you pocket the red ball too. This can be a tough shot and I’ve seen players draw the wrong way off the ball, almost going into the corner pocket nearest the cue ball. It’s easiest if you go almost straight in to the yellow ball and use a little spin, but you can find a cut angle and use straight draw instead as well. DIAGONAL KICK DRAW SHOT WALKTHROUGH

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