Seven Beginner Follow Shot Video Tutorials

Most players are probably used to seeing the cue ball roll forward after contacting an object ball. In most cases, it’s the normal roll of the cue ball, but you can also apply additional spin to get the cue ball to dance a little bit more. Here are seven easy follow trick shots to try out with step by step videos.

Walk the dog

The first follow shot requires some precise setup and aim. You can follow the setup in the video, which forces a cut angle on the yellow ball ensuring the cue ball will hit the long rail, which it’s required to do. What you don’t want is to have the cue ball follow straight into the pocket, but I’ve had instances where the cue ball comes off the point of the pocket and goes straight down the rail. Using a fair amount of running english will help with this shot as well and keep your stroke smooth to apply maximum spin. WALK THE DOG VIDEO STEP BY STEP

Up the rail

This shot is almost easier than the first one. Your setup doesn’t have to be as precise and you can just aim full into the yellow ball with maximum follow so the cue ball goes all the way up the rail. I like to keep the angle as shallow as possible, but this shot can be made from a variety of angles. If you’re really unlucky, the cue ball will catch by the point of the side pocket. Also, I’d recommend hanging the object ball as close to the short rail as you can to give yourself maximum margin for error in case the cue ball starts floating away from the cushion. UP THE RAIL TRICK SHOT TUTORIAL

Corner to corner trick shot

Admittedly, my video on this shot is substandard because my table can’t fit two balls in the corner pocket. In fact, the last tournament I attended where we shot this shot had a similar problem and we had to remove one of the balls. If your table has big pockets, this shot will be easy. If the pockets are tight, you’ll have to jam the balls in. If it’s set up properly, it’s almost a simple carom shot. A little bit of follow will help ensure the cue ball hugs the short rail, but you don’t need much. CORNER TO CORNER TRICK SHOT WALK THROUGH

The window shot

Here’s an easy version of The Window Shot. Normally, there would be a small gap for the cue ball to go through instead of just going around the wall of balls. Even so, just getting the three ball cluster to all go into their respective pockets is pretty impressive and getting the cue ball to curve around the wall of balls is just icing on the cake. I like to make adjustments to my cue ball position, especially if I’m playing on a 9-ft table versus a 7-ft table and I use straight follow. You can use a little left hand english to hold the cue ball up if you need to though. THE WINDOW SHOT VIDEO TUTORIAL

Up the alley

For this trick shot, the cue ball pockets all of the balls in the cluster by the side pocket and goes up an alleyway made by the blocking balls to pocket the purple ball hanging in the corner. I like to freeze the three ball cluster together in a triangle so I don’t have to worry about the exact placement of the red ball, which you can move around if you like. I also like to move the cue ball a little to the right as I look at the shot which helps me stay in the alley without bumping the blocker balls. UP THE ALLEY TRICK SHOT INSTRUCTION

Inside spinner

This can be a difficult trick shot, especially if the table and balls are brand new. This actually depends more on right english than straight follow. Basically, you want just enough follow to get the cue ball to the short rail and let the spin take over from there. You only need to get it to the 1×1 diamond zone, but bonus points are prescribed if you pocket the red ball. If you have too much follow, you’ll see the path of the cue ball arc forward off the short rail which isn’t a good sign as it will shorten the path of the cue ball. Keep your stroke super smooth! INSIDE SPINNER TRICK SHOT TUTORIAL

Out of my way

This shot is similar to the second one in this discipline, just from a different position. And instead of pocketing a hanging ball, the cue ball knocks an object ball off a piece of chalk and into the corner. You’ll need to make sure the cue ball hugs the rail pretty good so the object ball doesn’t miss the pocket. Also, be careful when placing the ball on the chalk; make sure the ball doesn’t overhang the cushion or else you’re practically guaranteeing it will roll off. Give it a little gap and you’ll be fine, even if the pockets are tight. OUT OF MY WAY TRICK SHOT DIRECTIONS

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