Masse shots are those incredible pool shots that seem to defy the laws of physics. In a masse shot, the cue ball is hit with so much spin that the ball deviates from a straight line and follows a curved path. Professional trick shot artists or artistic pool players are particularly good at these shots, […]

You’ve probably seen pool trick shots where the cue ball takes flight, soaring over obstacles before pocketing its targets and completing the shot. If you’ve ever wished to make shots like this, you should definitely invest in a specialized jump cue. While it’s not impossible to execute a jump shot with a regular pool cue, […]

The question that comes up is if you need a special cue stick. For the most part, you don’t and that’s a good thing because special cue sticks cost more money. Eventually though, if you want to try some of the more difficult shots, you will want to upgrade your equipment. You don’t need any […]