Everyone loves jump shots and it’s one of the first things people think about when they hear “trick shots.” Elevating the cue stick and driving the cue ball into the slate will get it airborne. Here are seven easy jump shots with video instructions for each of them. This is an optical illusion kind of […]

Stroke shots aren’t as straightforward to define as some of the other trick shot disciplines. Speed control shots are most prevalent here though as well as jump-draw shots and frozen cue ball stroke shots where you have to shoot the cue ball into a frozen ball. Here are seven easy stroke pool trick shots with […]

Bank and kick shots are neat because the balls hit the cushions and traverse the table before going in the pocket. By their nature, though, the shots will be dependent on the table you are playing on and could require some adjustments. Here are video tutorials for seven easy bank and kick trick shots. The […]

Most players are probably used to seeing the cue ball roll forward after contacting an object ball. In most cases, it’s the normal roll of the cue ball, but you can also apply additional spin to get the cue ball to dance a little bit more. Here are seven easy follow trick shots to try […]

Learning how to put backspin on the cue ball can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding skills for a novice pool player. Putting that to use in a trick shot definitely ramps up the enjoyment of the game further. Here are video tutorials for seven beginner draw trick shots. This is a very […]

These Special Arts trick shots will introduce you to skills you won’t use in your typical games of pool. These help separate a trick shot artist from a regular old pool player. For me, this makes the sport more fun and interesting. Hope you’ll like these too. The first Special Arts shot is a push […]

These beginner trick shots are part of the Artistic Cup program, a great avenue for novice players to get started in competitive artistic pool. Here I provide you the diagram so you can get a feel for the shot and a link to a video tutorial where I will walk you through, step-by-step, the setup, […]

Masse shots are always a fan favorite, especially if they’ve never seen a cue ball curve before. Normally, a masse shot would be defined as using an elevated cue, but some liberties were taken in putting these in the Artistic Cup program to make them easier. To that end, here are seven easy masse trick […]

Masse shots are always a favorite, both to shoot and to watch. Here are the 15 masse shots in the 2013 WPA Artistic Pool shot program. Click on the picture to watch the video!             The 6 point masse shots begin with the Passing Lane for shot 1A. An extreme […]

Let’s go airborne with these 15 jump shots out of the 2013 WPA shot program. Click on the image to go watch the video!             The first two jump shots get the cue ball in the air off the rail. In shot 1A, the cue ball banks up the table […]