Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to get a pool table! Now, you just need to know how big of a table you can get to fit in the room where you want it. After all, you don’t want this happening to you: Get Your Room Dimensions The first thing you want to is to get your […]

One of the things about trick shots is you have to practice the same shot over and over again until you get it down. This usually doesn’t happen with the recreational pool player who just shoots regular games and doesn’t take the time to learn certain shots. Similarly though, if you just keep shooting the […]

Trick shots, or artistic pool, is an entertaining and demanding discipline of pool, just like any other pool game. Casual observers are often fascinated by the poetic dancing of the balls and their magical disappearances into the pockets. There are two general types of shots – setup shots and skill shots There are two general […]

First of all, pool balls only go where they’re told. If they don’t go where you want, work on communicating better with them. I’m not going to spell out all the little details, but I’ll give you enough to get started with. Frozen Balls In the simplest case, when a cue ball hits an object […]

Pool ball sets can range from $30 to $200. So what makes the difference? The higher priced balls are made of phenolic resin while cheaper balls are typically made of polyester. Phenolic resin is harder and more burn resistant than the cheaper materials. This increases the durability of the balls so they will last longer […]

The question that comes up is if you need a special cue stick. For the most part, you don’t and that’s a good thing because special cue sticks cost more money. Eventually though, if you want to try some of the more difficult shots, you will want to upgrade your equipment. You don’t need any […]

There are pool table specifications for league and tournament play, however, there are still a range of pool tables available for home and recreational use. Most obvious is that pool tables come in different sizes, however, there are some construction differences that will affect how the table plays and how easy or difficult trick shots […]

Your first taste of trick shots may have been on TV, at a local pool hall, or somewhere on the web, maybe even this site. It looks so easy when a bunch of balls travel all around the table and each ones ends up in a pocket. In truth, a lot of shots are pretty […]