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The Dragon

Welcome to  I'm Tim Chin, aka "The Dragon", a world-ranked trick shot artist and entertainer, currently based in Las Vegas, NV. Are you looking for fun and unique entertainment for your next party or event? Look no further as my performances are filled with dazzling shots and audience interaction that will leave them amazed at what *they* can do!


Do you want to be the next great artistic pool champion? You've come to the right place! Start out with some easy, beginner shots and work your way up to the almost impossible. I'll post videos of my favorite shots, show you diagrams and pictures, give instructional tips, and walk you through everything, step by step. You *will* learn how to do these yourself. I am available for exhibitions and events looking for cool, fun, unique, and exciting entertainment or instruction. Please contact me for more details.


News! I finished 7th at the 2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships and won the Special Arts medal!


News! I finished 2nd at the Artistic Cup VI in Indianapolis and won the Special Arts discipline medal!


News! I finished 8th at the Shenyang World Class Artistic Pool Masters Cup! in China. I also won the Follow discipline medal!


oversized 8 ballNews! New oversized 8 balls! Great for trick shots and autographs! I'll get a few videos of what you can do with them later. Contact me if you want to purchase one.


The commercial I consulted on for Kewpie mayonnaise is now up. Pool table on a roof deck! Also check out the pictures from my commercial shoot with Radiant Pictures.


New promo clip made by my friend Paul in the UK. My first promo clip for a compilation of Tim "The Dragon" Chin trick shots. No more need to watch them one by one. I perform some that aren't even on this website, so check it out!




Where to start?

What are Trick Shots? - No idea what a masse shot is? Start here. We'll talk about the different kinds of trick shots.


Who is Tim "The Dragon" Chin? - A short bio about me.


Videos - Videos of me shooting some of my favorite shots. And mishaps. Oops.


Tutorial - Wanna know how to do a cool shot? Learn to shoot and perform amazing tricks that will wow your friends and intimidate your opponents next time you're at a pool table. Instructions classified by difficulty level, from easy beginner shots to advanced expert shots. Diagrams and templates so you know how to set them up. Master these and become an expert!


Trick Shot Primer - Some of the Dragon's words of wisdom for those looking to start shooting trick shots, from equipment like choosing a cue, pool table, and balls to basic physics and how to practice.


Shot Index - The master list of all the hot shots on this site with links to videos and tutorials.


"Dragon" Stuff - Check out the official gear of "The Dragon." Ooooo HOT!


Contact Tim - Going to be in the Las Vegas area? Let's rack 'em up and shoot some pool. Drop me an email.


Chat With Tim - Live chat with The Dragon if he's online. Leave a message if you want him on your buddy/friends list!


Links - Useful pool and billiard references. You can find more videos and tips by many other professional trick shot experts.


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