Trick Shot Tim, Pool TA

This week, I got to be the billiards technical advisor during the filming of Fresh Off The Boat! It came together real fast with the director calling me the week beforehand and I was glad I wasn’t busy. I got to coach Randall Park, who plays Louis Huang, and Angelique Cabral, who plays Tony, on how to look like a pool player. Unfortunately, the team didn’t really put my trick shot skills to great use due to the time constraints of filming, but the actors did quite well on their own and improved tremendously in the short time I had with them.

I had a lot of fun on set working with the entire crew and this experience matches up nicely with the commercial I consulted on for Kewpie Mayonnaise starring Masaharu Fukuyama. The Fresh Off The Boat episode is season 2, episode 15 and it should be airing sometime early 2016. Keep an eye out for these hustlers if you see them in a pool hall near you!

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