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Just Showing Off


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Just Showing Off trick shot

The first two object balls are lined up perpendicular and frozen to the long rail, about 1 to 1-1/2 inches from the point of the side pocket. The next two are aligned similarly perpendicular to the rail so their leading edges are even with the point of the side pocket, but also placed about 1/4 inch further away from the rail. The third ball in the combo is lined so it's pointed to the long rail point of the opposite corner pocket. Don't forget the hanging ball.

The cue ball is about a diamond back from the two ball combo, about a balls width from the the long rail. I aim with left english and a half tip of top to catch just more than half of the outside object ball. If you get a kiss trying to go around the first corner, move the cue ball a bit further away from the rail.

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