About The Shot

This is an advanced fouette shot. I pocket the 1 ball, slip the cue ball around the blocker and down the machine gun to pocket the 3 in the near corner.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Whip Massacre

Make This Shot

The blocker ball is on the spot and the cue ball is one ball gap from the blocker, towards the short rail. The 1 ball is 2mm from the cue ball aimed towards the corner pocket (Figure 1).

I use 10 balls for the machine gun effect. The last two balls in the line I angle away from the rail a bit to give myself a bigger pocket to shoot in to (Figure 2), although, in the video, I clipped the last ball on the way in. Also make sure the hanging ball is clear of the last ball in the line. There's nothing worse than seeing the cue ball get all the way to the end only to see the intended ball already pocketed by another ball!

I aim about a 1/2 shaft width to the right, on the front side of the 1 ball. Then I put max draw with 1 tip of left on the cue ball. Keep your wrist loose and focus on the follow through. It needs to be a pretty fast stroke to get enough spin to bite through the machine gun.

Video: Whip Massacre

Video: Whip Massacre

Whip Massacre

Figure 1

Whip Massacre

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Abram 'Too Tall' Diaz was the first to perform this shot. He claimed in his video that he was the only one in the world that could do it.