About The Shot

First, I send an object ball around the table 5 rails. While it's moving, I shoot a rocket masse, pocketing an object ball, and have the cue ball masse down the table to meet the first object ball and kick it in the corner.

Discipline: Special Arts, Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Timing Masse

Make This Shot

I start with an object ball on the head spot. The picture to the left shows how I set up the masse. The cue ball and object ball are off the rail with a half balls width gap in between them.

First, find a good hit that will send the first object ball five rails and come up short (hit the long rail) by the corner pocket. It helps if it's going pretty slow by the time it gets there. You'll have to be quick on the masse, so don't get caught watching the first object ball go around the table. Be aware of it though, and about when it crosses the long centerline of the table for the last time, hit the masse. Make adjustments from there as to either how hard you hit the first object ball around the table or when you hit the masse.

Video: Timing Masse

Video: Timing Masse

Timing Masse

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

I first saw this shot attempted by Paul Gerni in ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2001.