Trick Shot Video Tutorials

Earlier this year, I started filming a series of video tutorials for specific trick shots, most that I haven’t previously posted. I haven’t really found a great way to fit them into the format of my site, but I wanted to highlight them here. I send these videos out via my email list, so if you want to be the first to know about them, be sure to subscribe and like my Facebook page.

The first shot I did was Dave Nangle’s Single Cue Triple Jump. I first saw this shot at the 2016 ACSISA US Open and it involves jumping 3 balls simultaneously with one stroke of a single cue.

I followed that up by going over the 9 Ball Matrix, which is more of a drill than a trick shot. Once upon a time, I wasn’t great at this shot and so Nick Nikolaidas and Jamey Gray played it against me at the 2016 ACSISA US Open. I made it both times 😉

Will DeYonker suggested I cover the Off The Point 3 Railer, so I did that next. His version is nice as it adds a couple racks to jump through and between. It was also one of the first trick shots I ever taught myself.

I just released my fourth video tutorial on the Inverse Speed Shot, one of my inventions. It’s a quirky shot as it takes the typical concept of a speed shot and flips it on its head.

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